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Lone Star Degrees

Beginning your first year of taking agricultural science courses you should complete a record book using Ask Mrs. Williamson to create you an AET account. Enter all classes, FFA activities, and information regarding livestock projects.

FFA Lone Star Degree

The FFA Lone Star Degree is the highest degree you can earn at the state FFA level! You must be a junior or senior when applying for your Lone Star Degree, but should begin entering the information your freshman year of high school so that you don’t have to try to remember it later. To begin, tell Mrs. Williamson you need an AET account and she will make you one.

To begin… go to and click student.

Chapter – TX0145

Username – first initital then last name (for example: kwilliamson)

Password – ffa

  1. Add all of your ag classes that you have ever taken under the profile tab.
  2. Enter your FFA offices and/or committee chair positions under the profile tab.
  3. Click the journal tab and add all of your FFA activities, community service, and livestock shows.
  4. Then click experience manager (SAE) under the profile tab. Click add new and add each of your livestock projects or SAEs individually/separately. Be detailed with your descriptions.
  5. Click on the pencil next to each of your SAE projects. Each one must have a detailed SAE plan.
  6. Add all transactions to each of your SAE projects (feed, equipment, buying of the animal, etc) under the finances tab. This should be very detailed and include EVERY aspect of your livestock project or SAE.
  7. Add journal entries to each of your SAE projects (exercising, vet trips, feeding, etc).

To see if you have met the qualifications, click the reports tab. Then click degree/application manager and generate a new Lone Star degree application each time and open the application. The application should cease on April 1st of that year. Go to the checklist on the application and if you see met in all categories you are almost done! If you see error you need to make adjustments where the errors are in the application.

There is another checklist called the manual checklist. This can only be viewed once you print the application. Go through this list as well and be sure you have all of the qualifications met so that advisors can initial at the local, district, and area levels.

When generating your Lone Star Degree application, be sure to end it on April 1st.

The record book must be attached to your Lone Star Degree.

Your Lone Star Degree application must be completed by April.

If you earn your FFA Lone Star Degree, you can attend the FFA State Convention to receive it on stage in July! 


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