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Livestock Shows
Remind 101 for Swine Exhibitors: Text 81010 the message @mvpigs to join!

How do I access the new Quality Counts system? The new Quality Counts program can be found at: 

Please see the file below to see if you have already taken and been certified in Quality Counts. I took Quality Counts previously... Do I have to take it again? If you are planning to show at spring major livestock shows, Quality Counts verification is required. Exhibitors must be verified once as a junior (grades 3-5), once as an intermediate (grades 6-8), and once as a senior (grades 9-12).

San Antonio Livestock Show 

Houston Livestock Show

San Angelo Livestock Show

Austin Star of Texas Livestock Show

Hill Country District Livestock Show


Auction Invite Letter Example Kyla Williamson 11/14/2019 104 KB
MCJLS Prospect Show - Sheep & Goat Kyla Williamson 8/4/2021 227 KB
MCJLS Prospect Show - Cattle Kyla Williamson 8/4/2021 221 KB
2022 MCJLS Schedule Kyla Williamson 8/26/2021 168 KB
2021 Swine Feeder Guidelines Kyla Williamson 9/8/2021 23 KB
2021 Swine Tag Order Form Kyla Williamson 9/8/2021 12 KB
Quality Counts 11-1-21 Kyla Williamson 11/1/2021 12 KB
Hondo FFA Prospect Show 2021 Kyla Williamson 11/5/2021 180 KB
MCJLS Swine Prospect Show 2021 Kyla Williamson 11/5/2021 208 KB
MCJLS Sale Order Kyla Williamson 1/28/2022 266 KB
2-7-22 San Antonio Livestock Show Updates Kyla Williamson 2/7/2022 270 KB



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